Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Q & A with Drake Mendel

Hey everyone.
There has been a lot of speculation about me in the past few months when I decided to take a break from the lime-light and concentrate on other endeavors. Because of that there have been a lot of rumours being traded around or created about me -- some are fact and some are fiction. So in today's blog posting, I will answer some of your questions about what has been going on in my life. Thank you to Tonya, my wonderful assistant (Editor's note: You're welcome, Drake) for typing up all this stuff as I dictate it to her due to my inability to type and perform other basic computer fucntions. I'm working on that. Let's get computer literate in 2005! Holla!
Let's get started.

Question One, from Steven Goldburg, New York City: Drake, I was reading in another blog ( that you were seen in Montreal last August in Louis Vuitton and that you bought over 20,000 worth of luggage for your trip home. That in itself is not very suprising, but something else is. These people said that you saw Leonardo DiCaprio there and cursed him out saying that he stole the role of Howard Hughes away from you in Aviator. What is up with this? Is it true?

Answer: Steve, that is not true. I had no desire to be in that movie because I felt like the script was totally boring because it was all about planes and weird people. I have enough of those two things in my life already, so I definitely said no. I did see Leo at Lounge Night Club though but I was in VIP and he wasn't so I didn't get a chance to say hi. Next question.

Question Two, from BabyGUrl617, Brookline, Mass.: hi drake i am ur #1 fan but i heard that u are actually 31 years old instead of 21 yearz old. thatz cool if u r id still like u the same but iwant to know the truth do u wear blue contacts r r they reel?

Answer: I'm 21. My eye color is real, but I do wear corrective contact lenses.

Question Three, Katie M., Aspen, Colorado: I saw you at a screening of a film at Sundance a few weeks ago and later at a party for the Strangers with Candy movie. My friend swears she saw you with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie and were sneaking cigarettes. Are you dating either one of them or are you single?

Answer: I haven't meet either of those girls. I'm single.

Question Four, Will from Atlanta: Is it true you're doing a remake of Bladerunner?

Answer: Not as of yet.

Question Five, Totali893 from L.A.: Drake, when is your albulm coming out? Are you even on a label yet? Get your act together. Luv, Sandra.

Answer: I've been working at it, girl, but I don't have anything to show to a label yet. I've had many offers but I'm not willing to accept one until I know exactly what I want to do. Check my forthcoming web-site for some new songs, though. You'll be able to buy them through that iTunes deal I think. I'll have to talk to my Technology person.

Question Six, Emily Jacobs from Brooklyn, NY: Whatup Drakey. I just wanna know I heard the DJ on the radio say that u did a diss record with Foxy Brown and Lil' Kim dissing Eve, Queen Latifah, Ja Rule, DMX, 50 cent, and Eminem. Is this true and where can i hear it.

Answer: Emily, get your head straight. Kim and Fox hate each other. So how the hell would I be able to get those two crazy ass bitches in the same studio? I mean I'd love too because that means a lot of ching ching but I don't think it's going to happen until those girls are desperate for cash/attention. And I don't diss anyone because I don't want anyone dissing me. I just stay in my own bubble and don't let people's jealousy affect me. Okay?

All right, that was fun. I have to go to Fendi to pick some stuff up that I ordered yesterday and then I'm going to the studio to drop a hot 40.
Check back soon.

Love and Peace,
Drake Mendel

Saturday, February 05, 2005

It's that time of the year again.

Hello everyone,
I would just like to take this opportunity to thank all of my fans (both online and RL) who have been constantly e-mailing me asking about my whereabouts after my sudden departure from blogging. Although my initial attempts of documenting my "life" lacked both a certain enthusiasm and vigor, I still managed to accumulate quite the fan-base who hankered to hear my beautiful, nicotine-ladened voice sing over overly complex, non-melodic instrumentals. However, I will shortly reward the patient (and those that didn't attempt to stain my reputation by posting malicious, and might I add factually incorrect, "information" about my going ons on their respective 'blogs') by opening a web-site where my fans can interact, learn more information about myself, Drake Mendel, and download clips of my music.
The web-site will have the goal of promoting my newest albulm which has neither a working title nor any actual songs. But the albulm is basically about my love for Jesus. Jesus and partying. But with no drugs or alcohol. Nor promiscuous activities. A record that all will enjoy and listen to extensively until they leave this earth to meet the Maker.

Tentative Track listing:
I wanna
It's on (Ready to Party)

There are a lot of other tracks that I've currently forgotten about but I know my song-writers and producers are working really hard to come up with some hit songs for me. They better, because I'm definitely paying them enough. One of the song-writers is a young univeristy student (21 years old) who is definitely on his way to the big time. I appreciate all the work he's doing to make my career the one he's always dreamed about but never had the balls to go and get. Thank you so much, you know who you are (and the check is in the mail -- but don't cash it until the first of March. Thanks.)

Thanks again to all my fans! Please keep sending me encouraging e-mails. I love getting mail from all my fans who come from places such as the U.S., Japan, Syria, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Nebraska, and even Africa! I love you all!
I'm out.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Truly outrageous.

I'm going to be like my friend VBQ and post 1,000 times a day.
I was just peacefully sleeping and I WOKE UP for the second time tonight! It was that feeling where like, you feel like you are completely awake and felt like you've slept the full 7 to 8 hours. But no, you look at the alarm clock and see that you've only slept for about 2 and a half hours.
Let's see, what happened today. I woke up and then went back to bed for like 4 hours, and then I talked to this girl I'm kind of friends with and told her I'd meet her at this cafe to "study". I put study in quotations because whenever I go to a cafe to study, I KNOW I'm not actually going to end up studying. So I'm not even lying to myself, because I know what's going to happen!! Either a homeless person comes in to the coffee shop and starts screaming at me or the music is too loud or something. Either way, I get little to nothing done!! So what's the point!
Luckily, due to my new schedule I have an 8:30 class everday and then I don't have class until 2:30! Ackers! So I have approximately five hours to study daily, which is pretty amazing you know? That way I don't have to do my homework at my home and I have a sort of routine. The one thing I hate the most is doing homework in the wee hours or reading a textbook for like 24 hours straight right before the exam. You know what I mean? I'm sure you do.
Anywho, so I was at the cafe and I saw three people I knew who were walking by and walkd over and said hi to me and the girl. It was truly outrageous. It was the first time I had been to a cafe in awhile without a cigarette in my mouth. The smoke arund me was kind of disgusting, and I'm getting used to always smelling clean as opposed to a cigarette. That's cool, I guess.
Over the summer I had quit for all of August. Apparently, one of my "friends" from home realized that I had quit, and then when they came to see me here (Which, might I add, was not a pleasant experience. No more guests allowed EVER!) she was like "I'm not friends with people that quit". And she said it not seriously, in a joking manner, but I knew she was semi-serious. Which makes me think -- what a flippin' loser. Go the flip away, you biatch.
Today I also went grocery shopping, where I ran into a former flame, whom I'll refer to as FF from here on out. I passed the FF and just KNEW it was the FF. It was so aggrivating and I tried to run out of the store cuz I felt very uncomfortable and wanted 2 die. If you've ever had a relationship w/ some1, u know what this iz like!! Remeber that episode of SATC where Carrie and Miranda see Steve and Carrie's former BF Aiden at the same time and they both run away? Yeah, it was kind of like that. Except you can't just drop your groceries and run out of the store!! You have to go through the cashier and PAY for them!. Ugh, so I thankfully made it out but while I was standing in line the FF passed me AGAIN, and if the FF hadnt know i was already in the store then the FF DEFINITELY did THEN!!
Anyway, I totally forgot about that until now so that wasn't really THAT traumatic!!!! I just don't understand why all these people are invading MY neighborhood. I moved ALL the way out here so I could be left alone, you know? And then all these annoying people from my past keep popping up and I'm just like "BE DONE WITH YOU!"

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Long time, nothing goes.

Well, I've been home for quite awhile. Almost five weeks. Although it did have its moments of outrageousness, the ones of which I speak were for the most part overly stressful and counterproductive. Hence, the times I most enjoyed at home were the simple ones that revolved within a set routine, far far away from the smoke filled rooms of a time I prefer to forget. But to be cliche and hackneyed, we must remember the past so we don't repeat it in the future. Whatever the quote it, it is written with much more grace but I am sure, gentle reader, that you will forgive this one oversight of mine. Recalling quotations was never my forte!
However, long story short I leave tommarow with heightened optimism and I hope a better man than the one I arrived here as five weeks ago. I didn't get to see many people and the people I did end up seeing I realized I felt more alone with them than I did when I was by myself. I only could see one person, who I consider one of my closest friends, one time which sucks big balls but we only had one car that I'm not even allowed to drive since the other one broke down, ding dong! Betrayal seems to be a problem we've both been dealing with in our lives, so I hope I'l be able to talk about it with her soon. :-( My luv goes out 2 my #1 thong juicer who I luv + miss.
I'll miss my hometown, but I'm planning on being back all next summer for FOUR MONTHS!!! See you in.....the frosty north.
Yours truly,

Monday, July 12, 2004

Yikes, bad press.

After sending off that little Britney tidbit, it was brought to my attention by my dear friend that the Associated Press also did a sordid piece on me. Not good...



1 hour, 3 minutes ago

By TONYA WESTER, Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON - Drake Mendel (news - websites), the 20 year old emerging singer-songerwriter, was seen Sunday night at the popular nightclub 2K9. Although a native to the Washington, D.C. area, he now is located in Canada but returned to his home after being asked to volunteer for the Democrats John Kerry (news - websites) and John Edwards (news - websites) in their campaign by targeting the younger demographic.
His disturbing behavior alarmed many attendees of the nightclub, and was asked several times to leave the premises. The police were called to arrest Mendel, who has several outstanding warrents on his arrest.
The bail was set at $10,000 and was posted. The court date is set for September 4, 2004.
Kim Smith, 24, was one of the guests at the club that witnessed Mendel's alarming behavior.
"He was carrying on -- jumping on the bars and the likes, which is okay at some clubs, but not here. The owner of the club gave him several bottles of Cristal (champagne) on the house, and he just took them and threw them at the wall and he almost hit my friend Trina."
Jerry Connor, 31, disagrees with these sentiments.
"What he was doing was just having fun. This city is so stressed out with the campaign and all that goes along with it. He was just letting off some steam, as most of us should given the circumstances."

Oops, Britney done did it again!

Excerpt from an article detailing Britney Spear's downward spiral into marriage with a functionally retarded ex-football player from a mediocre college:
"Her brother rang and I spoke to him. He talked about the word 'thrilling'. I didn't know what the word meant so I didn't say anything".

"I rang my dad and at least he was fine. Britney told me to ignore her family and wanted us to run away on honeymoon straight away but we were so shattered we went to bed."

Neither the bride nor the groom had any idea of the storm that was about to engulf them. Although unknown to the press at the time, whilst Spears was signing her annulment paperwork at her lawyer's office in downtown New York, she was wearing nothing but a trenchcoat and underwear. This new look has exploded into the mainstream to the point of Britney's targeted demographic, primarily 4 to 12 year olds, copying their idols style.

Danielle Leving, a mother of four, expressed her ingratitude towards the popular star.

"If Ms. Spears feels like she can flounce around town wearing nothing but a trenchcoat and a thong, that's fine. But I don't want her advertising and condoning that perverse lifestyle choice to my four daughters."

When asked to comment, Spears answered through a fog of cigarette smoke while working her way through her third bag of "Cheetos" --

"I wear what I like. Who cares if I smoke 3 packs a day and eat whatever I want and feel so exhausted that I can only throw a Chanel trench coat on over my thong? I work all day long and -- "

The singer was promptly cut off by her publicist, who barked "No Comment."

By Rhonda MacIntire, Associated Press

Urgent yearnings...

Outrageous -- when I move my body
Outrageous -- wheN I'm at a party
outrageous -- in my sexy jeans
outrageous -- when i'm on the scene
outrageous -- my sex drive!
outrageous -- my shopping sprees
outrageous -- we're on the world tour
Let's go get 'em, girl!!

(More later)

Saturday, July 10, 2004

A Time to Keep

Today I went to Starbucks after waking up. On the way there, I saw two old people from my dorm of last year. Although I was my regular friendly and perky self, I was not excited to see them as they gossiped about my incessently (s?). Anywho, I escaped as fast as I could. At Starbucks, I ordered the first thing I saw not having a particular preference of iced coffee at that time. Much to my alarm, the total cost was $4.87. I was not pleased. I waited patiently while the goateed man prepared the coffee drinks. He had something in a mug ready and I thought it was mine and he made me feel stupid and said "You wanted something cold, right?" I shrugged and nodded indifferently, feeling shame sweep across my weak body. I sat down numbly in the chair directly across from the coffee bar, awaitng my drink. It was finally ready.
I proceeded to leave the establishment named "Fourbucks" by Jerry Seinfeld. While walking down the chic, urban street I passed a black man carrying a water cooler on his shoulders. As I walked briskly past him (at my normal pace, not because he's black) he started screaming "FUCK YOU!! FUCK YOU!"
Although not alarmed at first, he continued, whispering to himself "Let him go, man. Let him go" in a different, distinct voice. Then he commenced screaming "Fuck you!! FUCK YOU!"
How obnoxious. Please control your outbursts, svp. Unfortunately, we were the only two people on the usually populated street due to the fact that it started to rain -- heavily. Although others ran for cover, I continued to walk at my regular pace. I always find it ridiculous and kind of embarresing to run when it starts to rain. I mean, seriously. What is it going to do to you? MELT? FRIGGIN MELT YOU LIKE THE WITCH IN OZ?
Anywho, I went into my apartment, concluding my early morning adventures.
Thank you for reading!
Drake Mendel